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Staples International Hiring Day (June 1st, 2019)

As a global office supplies company, Staples operates in 25 countries and regions with more than 2,100 office supplies supermarkets and warehouse distribution centers and more than 79,000 employees worldwide.

Canada is one of the most important markets to Staples. Including its headquarters building on Staples Street in Toronto, Ontario- there are 305 stores across the country with nearly 15,000 employees. Multiculturalism, good environment and community are the key values of Staples recruitment and why they are a key player in the Canadian market for office supplies.

Staples National Hiring Day on Saturday June 1, 2019 was an amazing success!

HeyCareer facilitates the recruitment of staff for the Bayer’s Lake location. We also set up booths in the store for the hiring event on that day. Our main role at this event is to provide the relevant assistance and guidance to the candidates who are seeking job opportunities with Staples.

During the event, many excellent candidates were given the opportunity for professional exposure and the local recruitment process. In addition, many local students noticed the revision and improvement of their resumes from high school as a result of their participation in the event and gained resolve for renewed focus on gaining more local work experience for their resumes. It is our hope that current and future international students will start preparing resumes with this in mind, so that when they are presented with job prospects in the local market, they can navigate them with confidence and enthusiasm.

If you have your resume ready, please feel free to contact us, we will help you improve you resume!

Let’s take a look at the event site:

The booth was arranged by the volunteer early Saturday morning.

In the first 15 minutes of the event, a large number of job seekers came for consultations and the booth volunteers carefully answered their questions with each candidate on a one-on-one basis.

According to current trends amongst graduate new hires, professional experience is often slowly accumulated through Part-time positions. This explains why some high school students will also participate in job hunting and recruitment fairs. Oftentimes students will find that starting with a part-time position is the only way to gain entry to a full-time position. Students can take part in various types of part-time employment when their summer course load is not as demanding. Not only can they increase their income, but they can also accumulate experience for job hunting after graduation. With this method, a student’s resume does not lack job experience and appear too sparse in content. In less than 90 minutes, the entire day’s schedule of interview time was filled.

HeyCareer was not only responsible for all the initial tests, but also actively and effectively communicated with all job seekers who applied for the General Manager interview.

Five job seekers who signed up with HeyCareer also came to the site with their resumes and received simple interview notice training, mental adjustments, etc. before attending the interview. Two of them have already successfully obtained job offers as of Monday! Another job seeker was directly recommended to other stores in the Halifax area for his outstanding performance! Congratulations to these three job seekers! I hope that all of you will be successful in your future work!

There are also more than ten job seekers who have registered with our Talent Pool, and there are more opportunities waiting for them in the future!

HeyCareer Talent Pool is the first talent pool established in Halifax for international students and for local employers. At present, more than 20 graduates have received interviews from employers through our talent pool, including 11 Already got the company Offer. Now, Talent Pool is open for free registration. Please contact us by joining us to join the talent pool!

Finally, HeyCareer would like to thank everyone for their active participation and the hard work of the volunteers in this event. We will work harder in the future to organize or participate in more meaningful activities to provide high-quality services and help for the international students!

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