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HeyCareer Professional Halifax provides career counselling services which develops and delivers better recruitment solution for businesses and helps International graduates who wish to gain work experience and settle down in Halifax.

About Us

HeyCareer specialized in orienting fresh graduates on their first step after graduation, so they can pursue a career they truly love.

Suitable career planning and proper job search methods contribute to a good career life. Instead of repeating the dull theories about job seeking, designed courses and customized services provided by HeyCareer emphasize on real practices and high efficiency. As a good career platform, HeyCareer aim to help job seekers conduct professional social networking and develop your own professional brand from the very beginning of your career.

Our Culture

HeyCareer is determined to develop a career platform connecting job seekers and industry employers. We have been very clear about who we are, what we value and what we have set out to do. An open-minded spirit is also rooted in our culture, which allows us to be open and transparent. Furthermore, HeyCareer cherish our social responsibility and aim to help students get involved in the community development.

Our People

Having the right people is the key for maintaining a strong company culture. HeyCareer hires skilled and open-minded talents who can fit the multicultural environment. With most team members have overseas education background, we dedicate ourselves to help international students with their favourable career life.

HeyCareer Profession Halifax